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You Never Give Me Your Money - The Beatles - Abbey Road

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  1. Sep 27,  · You Never Give Me Your Money (Take 36) Lyrics: Okay, alright, you win / I'm in love with you / Okay, you win / I'm in love with you / Well alright, okay / Okay / You never give me your money.
  2. Oct 10,  · Beginning at "You Never Give Me Your Money," the album transforms into a hot-potato medley of one sublimely melodic song after another, a shockingly creative assembly line of tracks that magically blend together, thanks mostly to producer George Martin. It's comparable to a movie score with words or a spur-of-the moment "Best of" mixture/5(K).
  3. About “You Never Give Me Your Money”. The centrepiece of the Side B medley on Abbey Road, it pays tribute to the band itself and the internal struggles that by then had fatally wounded their relationship. With their problems tearing them apart, Lennon announced he was leaving the band privately on 20th September
  4. Warm Gun", being one of the extremely rare examples in the canon where the Beatles opt for "teleological medley" in place of any more traditional periodic / cyclical form. "You Never Give Me Your Money" is built from three different sections that are nominally .
  5. Lyrics to 'Abbey Road Medley' by The Beatles. You Never Give Me Your Money You only give me your paper And in the middle of negotiations you break down I never give you my number I only give .
  6. "You Never Give Me Your Money" is a song by the English rock band the Beatles. It was written by Paul McCartney (though credited to Lennon–McCartney) and documented the financial and personal difficulties facing the band. The song is the first part of the medley on side two of their album Abbey Road and was recorded in stages between May.